We work in a closely held non-hierarchical team and strictly believe in brain power than manpower.

As a part of our work culture, we expect that the candidate persistently and religiously strives to acquire comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and understanding of law and make optimum use of our knowledge resources and knowledge infrastructure. The candidate must keep her / himself well updated from time to time with legal developments relating to our practice areas by cultivating the habit of reading various kinds of law journals and other legal literature.

Dedication, self responsibility, pro activeness, resourcefulness, accuracy, integrity, effective drafting, communication and analytical skills, team spirit and professionalism, well planned and organised way of working and humility are the qualities and skills which we uncompromisingly seek. We welcome advocates, solicitors, and qualified company secretaries in our team. Candidates wishing to work with us may write to us at and along with a detailed C.V.


  1. Role and Participation of Interns

We consider you to be an integral part of our team and consider you to be associate is future. Hence, devote quality time in training, guiding and mentoring you. We neither believe to work in a strict hierarchal way, nor do we follow preset communication patterns. Hence, you are given “level playing field” to prove your worth, without compromising on discipline and individual self responsibility.

Legal research and knowledge management are the focal aspects of our team’s progress. Hence, we encourage you to participate and contribute in various legal research work in an orderly manner under constant supervision and guidance of our team members and as you progress during the course of your internship, we actively involve you in various billing work assignments relating to both litigation and non litigation.

  1. Criterion for Internships

Eligibility & Time frame

Students who have completed at least 2 (two) years of the five year LL.B. course and at least 1 (one) year of the three years LL.B. course can apply for internships. Students who are pursuing Company Secretary (“CS”) course can also apply for law internships (and not for CS training of 15 months period) only if they have cleared at least (and any) 1 group / module of the Professional Program (i.e. Final Level) of the CS Course. We accept internship applications for a period ranging from 1 month to even more than a year. If a candidate possesses the ability and willingness to work for a longer period, then we prefer internships for longer term over short stints.

 Qualities, Values & Conduct

The applicant should have a humble nature coupled with a firm determination to excel in the field of law. As in the initial stages of legal career, it is vital that he / she is given exposure and experience in different areas of law for all round development and broadening the knowledge, thinking and analytical skills, we expect the interns to have the willingness to work not just for a particular or kind of legal assignment but must be ready to participate in varied legal work.

Dedication, labor and the willingness to keep learning on a daily basis to strengthen and broaden the fundamentals and knowledge of law and improve interpretation skills are essential qualities. We expect that the candidate adopts a holistic and broad approach in completing a particular research task by referring to diverse literature like legal commentaries, law periodicals / journals, legal articles, searching for judicial Indian and foreign precedents with the aid of various kinds of legal database and research software’s, enquiring with concerned authorities, etc.

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