We provide counselling on adopting effective and matured litigation strategies in complex commercial disputes keeping in mind the interests of our clients, costs and time. We are well equipped to advise on and conduct the volume of litigation that such matters generally give rise to.

Advocate & Solicitor Chirag Sancheti, the head of our firm’s Litigation Practice has represented clients in the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts in India, district courts (civil, criminal and rent act matters), consumer forums, competition commission, etc., and arbitration proceedings both ad hoc arbitration and institutional arbitration such as those conducted under the LCIA, ICC, SIAC, etc. We have the experience of handling high profile litigation matters appearing in the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts throughout India both on the original and appellate side.

For any litigation matter, we have a strong in-house team to provide a full range of service commencing from advising on litigation strategy, researching, preparation, drafting and filing of various pleadings, appearing and presenting arguments on behalf of clients. We have a strong relationship with several senior counsel to appear on behalf of our clients.

Backed by an in-depth knowledge of corporate laws, securities law, commercial laws, foreign exchange laws, competition law, intellectual property laws and real estate laws, we are in a good position to take litigation assignments in each of these areas, representing clients at various kinds of forums under different laws and providing legal services of international standards. In addition, we have experience in representing clients for various criminal economic offences also before various courts and forums.

We have a strong network of local counsel who not only assist us in attending to the disputes in a wholesome and efficient manner but also help us to navigate through the Indian court system.

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