Legal research and various types of knowledge building exercises is a continuous and routine activity at our office. We have been benefited by it immensely. We do not limit the knowledge sharing amongst our team members but also share the same with our clients as well as members of legal and other professional fraternities to keep them updated and well informed by way of analysis, updates, articles and research papers.

Vital legal developments pertaining to practice areas are studied, methodically researched and analyzed and the research analysis is then emailed to the reader in a lucid and concise format.

Should you wish to subscribe to our research updates, please email us at mentioning the following details:     

  1. Your name (In full);
  2. Name of the organization in which you work and job title; [If you are a student, then please mention the law school / college / university / institute in which you are currently studying or pursuing your course with corresponding year / level];
  3. Alternate email ids (if any) on which you wish to receive your subscription;
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