For us, work is meditation. Hence, we always aim to work avidly on all our work assignments, regardless of their nature and size. As a part of our work culture practices, we always encourage research, knowledge sharing, resourcefulness, dedication, accuracy, integrity, effective communication and analytical skills, team spirit and professionalism to the finest level.

We value and respect time and capital and we hence aim to work in a disciplined and organized way in carrying out our commitments. As we always aim to create and sustain long term relationships with our clients, all times, we endeavor to achieve excellence and value addition.

Our work style is highly influenced by the continuous legal research and knowledge building activities undertaken by our team members.  Before working on any legal assignment, be it litigation, legal opinion, transaction, drafting / reviewing of legal documents, or a simple email communiqué addressed to our clients, we get to work only after doing a thorough legal research and understanding of our clients’ interests from various legal as well as commercial aspects.

The capital and knowhow developed from time to time through our legal research activities is delivered to clients in form of quality legal advice and services.

In the course of distributing and delegating work, utmost care is taken to ensure that a particular team member at the first instance has the ability, training, expertise and experience to accomplish the task given; and secondly, post delegation, it is ensured that, constant supervision and monitoring of the team members’ output is carried out by the concerned senior member. By religiously following the aforesaid conduct, we strive to ensure that, at any point of time, the quality of our deliverables to client is never compromised.

We keep our fees structuring flexible to suit requirements of our clients which involves fixed fees, hourly rates, retainerships and / or combination of the same. Prior to working on an assignment, we clearly communicate our billing structure which is realistic, reasonable and commensurate with the time expected to be invested and the degree of complexity involved in a particular matter. We adhere to high standards of integrity and transparency in our billing practices.

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